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Choose from three different plans to create your very own LINE Official Account.

LINE Official Account Overview

LINE Official Account lets companies from large corporations to individual stores create their own dedicated LINE accounts.
There are currently more than three million official accounts in Japan covering a wide range of industries.

Deliver Info to a Multitude of Users

LINE features a global MAU that reaches over 200 million people. By linking with their customers' LINE accounts, companies can convey various types of targeted information to multiple users that is not possible through email or social media promotions.

Deliver Info to a Multitude of Users

Send Customers to Stores or Websites

As of January 2019, nearly half of all users who friend an account have used a coupon, participated in a promotion, or performed some other positive action related to the official account, showing that official accounts are an excellent way to create deep and meaningful bonds with customers.

Send Customers to Stores or Websites

Start for Free, Only Pay for What You Use

There are three different subscription plans including a Free plan that can be used at no charge. Since accounts are charged based on the number of messages sent, it is easy to adjust your use based on a company's budget or promotion schedule.

Start for Free, Only Pay for What You Use

LINE Official Account Subscription Plans

Free Light* Standard*
Monthly Fee Free 50 USD 150 USD
Free Messages Up to 500 Up to 15,000 Up to 45,000
Additional Message Fee N/A 0.05 USD 0.03 USD

*Light plan and Standard plan are not available in USA, Singapore, EU

LINE Official Account ID Plans

Basic ID Premium ID*
Annual Fee 0 USD 12 USD
Format @ + 3 letters + 4 numbers + 1 letter (random)
E.g., @TFK3049L
@ + user-designed string

(String must be 18 characters or less, not counting the "@" symbol. Only half-width letters and numbers, and the special characters ".", "_", and "-" may be used.)
E.g., @line_cafe
Details Issued automatically when opening a LINE Official Account Obtained by completing purchase of Premium ID.
Notes The ID will contain a random string of nonconsecutive letters. You can not create duplicate IDs.

The same payment method used for plan fee payments will be used.

*Permium ID is not available in USA, Singapore, EU

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