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Increase Your Ad Reach with
One of Japan's
Performance-Based Platforms

LINE Ads Platform

LINE Ads Platform

6,000+ businesses.
Your one-stop solution for access
to diverse LINE users across various LINE services.

LINE Ads Platform's 3 Key Advantages

LINE Only: 17.1%, Twitter Only: 5.9%, Facebook Only: 6.1%
  • (Source: Macromill, Inc. [July 2017], based
    on a sample of 18,096 smartphone users in Japan.)

Unparalleled Reach

LINE's userbase is highly active and spans people of all groups Japan-wide, providing unparalleled access to user groups unreachable on other media.


Easy-to-Use Interface

Our intuitive interface allows for clean controls and easy management of your account, including targeting and other ad distribution settings.

Easy-to-Use Interface
Robust Menu Options

Robust Menu Options

From attracting and acquiring new customers to building your unique business brand, the ad distribution menu offers a wide array of options to guide you through the entire process. It can also link seamlessly to LINE Official Account to attract new customers via LINE.

LINE Ads Platform Distribution Screens

LINE Ads Platform effectively targets LINE's Timeline and LINE NEWS sections with their high MAU
figures, as well as LINE Blog with its 2,400+ official bloggers, LINE Manga, which has more
than 1.7 million downloads to date, LINE Points, and other widely used services.

  • Timeline
    Timeline Screen
    LINE NEWS Screen
  • LINE Manga
    LINE Manga Screen
  • LINE Blog
    LINE Blog Screen
  • LINE Points
    LINE Points Screen
  • Smart Channel
    Smart Channel

Ad Distribution Flowchart

  • Create Account

    Enter the required info during your initial login to create an account.

  • Register Media

    Register the ad media you wish to distribute.

  • Pass Review

    LINE will review your ad materials based on its approval guidelines.

  • Distribute Ad

    Your ad will be displayed in relevant media and services.

To learn more about LINE Ads Platform,
you can download media kits
from the link below (available in Japanese only).