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Research Platform
for the Smartphone Era

LINE Research

LINE Research

Send surveys with LINE Surveys.
Conduct surveys featuring industry-leading sample sizes and
collection rates, with more than half of participants aged
10 to 29 and significant reach to students and non-PC users.

LINE Research's 4 Key Advantages

LINE usage rate of 92%
  • (Source: LINE Corporation [October 2018], based on a sample of 736 people who use a smartphone at least once a month.)

Reach a wide range of smartphone users

Approximately 90% of people aged 15 to 59 use a smartphone, and 92% of them use LINE. The reach provided through LINE Surveys spans multiple age groups, offering superior representation of each demographic.

(The blog/case study is available in Japanese only)

55% of the 4.46 million respondents are younger

Among the active respondents, young people between the ages of 10 and 29 make up 55% of the total, allowing for surveys targeting students and young people to be carried out efficiently and on a large scale.

(The blog/case study is available in Japanese only)
55% of the 4.24 million respondents are younger
LINE offers speedy results 1,000 samples in 10 min

LINE offers speedy results
1,000 samples in 10 minutes

Since surveys are sent via LINE push notifications, the respondents quickly see the message and can provide an immediate response, thereby offering superior response times and collection rates.

  • Note: Varies depending on options used and survey size.
(The blog/case study is available in Japanese only)

70% of respondents are fresh respondents

Since many of our respondents have not registered for other surveys, biased responses from trained survey respondents can be avoided, providing more accurate data that better represents the average consumer.

(The blog/case study is available in Japanese only)
Have you registered for other surveys? – LINE Research: No - 67%; Others: No - 24%
  • (Source: LINE Corporation using the LINE Research Platform and two outside internet research companies, based on a sample of 1,000 users.)

Two LINE Research Courses to Choose From

Light Course

Prices start at JPY 9,800

LINE will create the necessary screens and send out the survey based on a research file provided by the client. This course is recommended for those who need fast results at reasonable rates.

  • Note: An account is required to use this service.
Survey Diagram
Main Features
Actual survey only
5 categories, up to 19 options
Up to 15
100–1,000 samples
Up to 10
JPY 9,800 and up
  • Note: Based on 100 samples for 3 questions.
Support Course

Expert quality surveys

We hire a professional survey company to design, collect, and analyze the survey. This course is recommended for beginners and those who wish to be involved with the process or conduct more complicated surveys.

Survey Diagram
Main Features
Preliminary survey, actual survey, photo survey, ad effectiveness feedback, etc.
Seven categories, reply history, no options limit
Preliminary: 15; Actual: up to 30
100–500,000 samples
No limit (fee applies for 11 images or more)
Other: Allows options for more sophisticated surveys.
JPY 86,000 and up
  • Note: Based on 100 samples for 3 questions (using own form).
  • Note: The rates may vary by survey company.

To learn more about LINE Research,
you can download media kits
from the link below (available in Japanese only).