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Sales Promotion Solutions

LINE Sales Promotion

LINE Sales Promotion

Versatile all-in-one solutions featuring
simplified pricing and specifications.

About LINE Sales Promotion

LINE Sales Promotion helps businesses to easily monitor and analyze promotion applications, purchase behavior, and more through LINE,
enabling diverse sales promotion solutions that focus on manufacturers, retailers, and end users at physical stores.

About LINE Sales Promotion

LINE Sales Promotion Advantages


Promote products and engage consumers

LINE offers easy-to-use promotional features without the need for new system development. Using promotions to add users as friends helps to create lasting brand appeal—even after the promotion ends.

  • Note: Communicating with LINE users requires a LINE official account.

Easily attract and retain customers

LINE can reach large numbers of users online with promotion info to attract customers to stores. LINE Sales Promotion helps you with tasks such as determining promotion winners and reduces work related to in-store operations and promotional ad creation.

End Users
End Users

No need to sign up or download new apps

With just the LINE app, users can participate in promotions without creating new app or membership accounts. They can also receive useful info based on their promotion participation history.

What LINE Sales Promotion Has to Offer

LINE Sales Promotion is split between the Promotion Platform, which assists store promotions,
and LINE POINTS Reward AD, which lets users earn and use LINE POINTS.

  • LINE Sampling

    Product Trials
    • Provide all-in-one coverage—from attracting customers to offering samples
    • Enable large-scale sample sizes from LINE's userbase
    • Spread promotional info via Timeline
  • LINE Instant Win

    Product Recognition
    • Conduct instant win coupon drawings
    • Complete applications within 5 seconds of reading QR code
    • Eliminate need for registering user info or passwords
    • Enable promotions for existing and potential customers
  • LINE Mileage

    Repeat Purchases
    • Digitize users' promotion participation
    • Give users a sticker within 5 seconds of reading QR code
    • Eliminate need for registering user info or passwords

Recommended for Use with the Promotion Platform

Digital Rewards


Provide POINT code that users can redeem for LINE POINTS via a dedicated website.

Digital Rewards


Use the LINE POINT Connect API to provide users with Point-related features—offer Points from an official account, allow users to use Points for purchases at payment terminals, and more.

Digital Rewards

LINE Manga Coins

Give LINE Manga Coins to users to buy manga and read advance copies of free manga.

Optional Features


Visualize promotion performance via a LINE user consumer panel run by INTAGE Inc. Surveys can be customized to track lifts in sales and other KPIs.


    Use Video Promotions
    • Give users points for watching videos to completion
    • Attract quality users through a low-cost incentive

    Increase Signups
    • Give users POINTS for accomplishing specific objectives
    • Options include free signups, item purchases, and more
    Friends Boost

    Gain LINE friends
    • Enables direct contact with users to friend your LINE account
    • Provides a low-cost and effective way to add friends
    App Install

    Increase Downloads
    • Gives users POINTS for downloading a specified app
    • Quickly adds large numbers of new users

To learn more about LINE Sales Promotion,
you can download media kits
from the link below (available in Japanese only).