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Diverse Media via LINE,
from Mass to Vertical

Media Services

Media Services

We offer a wide variety of media services, ranging
from mass media with tens of millions of users to
genre-specific vertical media, all adaptable to
your unique needs.

  • NAVER Matome
  • livedoor NEWS
  • Peachy
  • Kstyle
Eight Articles Handpicked by Our Editors

This news service delivers timely news articles covering a wide range of topics three times a day from the LINE NEWS official account, which exceeds 28 million total friends.

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New media for smartphones that delivers various kinds of news

A new media for vertical scroll reading that reaches the LINE talk screen. It features high levels of engagement with an average reading rate of 70.79% (as of 2018), with some content exceeding 90%. LINE operates cosmetics magazine, lifestyle magazine, and liquor/gourmet magazine.

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NAVER Matome Screen
One of Japan's Largest Curated Platforms

With some two billion page views per month, this platform objectively gathers web-based info related to products, thereby promoting interest and understanding of those products among users and fostering purchase intent.

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livedoor NEWS Screen
One of Japan's Top Info Platforms

A news portal site known for its three-line summaries of articles, featuring more than 400 media outlets and over 800 million page views per month. It possesses great overall influence, boasting extensive reach on social media services such as Twitter (650,000 users) and Facebook (490,000 users).

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Peachy Screen
News Media Site for Women

A news media site for women with more than 8 million readers per month. Its name comes from the English slang "peachy," meaning to feel unusually fine or happy. Peachy has its readers feeling this way each and every day with numerous articles specifically targeting female consumers.

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News Site Featuring Opinions from Leaders, Thinkers, and Influencers

This site collates the most important articles available online that focus on economics and politics, while also including surveys and original articles from its editorial team. This news site engages its readers while getting to the bottom of the various news developments of the day.

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Kstyle Screen
The Latest in Korean Showbiz News

A site that brings readers the latest Korean entertainment news from various media sources in Korea. Through cooperation with Korea's largest portal site, NAVER, it features the largest circulation and influence in Japan for this genre.

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